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The Fashion Incubator

Become a Fashion Business Owner

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Wear beautiful clothes/ Promote your brand/ sell clothes

Everyone knows the number of traditional storefront boutiques plummeted when the internet went mainstream. But, while the internet made business more challenging for storefronts, it opened up a whole new frontier for some new kid on the blocks—the home-based boutique owner. The internet allowed fashionistas to be able to work remotely.

At Leighel Desiree, we act as an umbrella for business owners, a network that will educate & coach them thru the unique process of selling fashion. You will launch your own brand with Renowned Designer and Fashion Industry Master Leighel Desiree's Fashion Incubator Program. Often times fashion industry hopefuls and business owners have a vision but do not know how to bring it to design, bring their vision to fruition, and monetize from it. Leighel's one-of-a-kind coaching incubator provides an exciting overview of the fashion industry while assisting you with launching your fashion business through coaching, guidance, and networking. Discuss your dreams and goals in brainstorming sessions and begin to create a plan that will guide you to success in fashion. You will also take your vision to the next level by developing your design, styling, and business skills that will help you to gain valuable insights to expand or build your business in the fashion industry. What could be better? When opportunity knocks, say yes.


8 Week Fashion Incubator Program Overview

Fashion Design

  • History of fashion

  • Finding the inspiration for your next collection

  • Garment construction

  • Textiles & fabric sourcing for your collection

  • Pattern making

  • Draping

  • Design sketching & flats

Marketing & Management

  • Photo shoot

  • Selling online

  • Instagram/ Facebook

  • Styling & accessorizing

  • Production costs

  • Online selling

  • Merchandising



Sessions are held on Saturdays from 2 pm to 5 pm and Sunday 10 to 1 pm

For ages 18 & up

Books and supplies are not included

Attend an online open house on the following dates to learn more


You are a great designer Leighel. I feel so special to be a brand ambassador for your line. Every time I put on a Leighel Desiree piece someone asks me about it. Now I will get paid. I am so excited!


I finally got my Brand Ambassador clothes and I am so excited to begin my new fashion career! Each piece looked great on me as I thought of how to match them with what I already have. I am loving it!


I love being a stylist for Leighel Desiree. It changed my life style, my wardrobe and my income all at the same time. Now I travel more and go to great fashion events. It allows me to create my own schedule so I have the flexibility that I have always desired. I am a fashion professional thanks to Leighel Desiree!


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